What to Watch (TV): ‘The Keepers’ Review – This One’s a Keeper

I loved this series. If you are a true crime junkie, this doc is particularly interesting as it showed a lot of the good details regarding the work of savvy amateur sleuths – Gemma and Abbie.  It shows the adorable Abbie – sweetie pie grandma voice, buck teeth – as the careful researcher. We get to see Abbie hunting through online databases, making Freedom of Information requests and politely, forcefully, requesting additional information from courts in person.

Then we have our in-the-trenches sleuth, Gemma.  Gemma is gutsy and afraid of no one.  She talks to everyone.  At a bar she fills a stranger in on the case and tells him to give her a call if he hears anything.

“I’m not hittin’ on ya, okay? Seriously, I’m not.”

He smiles and shrugs.

She can’t help herself and continues, “Do you have much baggage?”

The trash can in her home kitchen is the kind you find in McDonald’s with the big THANK YOU written on the swinging lid. She also gives off a bit of a homeless vibe.  Love her.

Beyond the fascinating characters, the meat of the story is intriguing.  I think I know who did it. Right? Isn’t it obvious.  All that bit with the necklace, c’mon.

As for the Catholic church stuff….yikes.  It’s just sad.  These hard-working, good American families think they are doing the best thing for their families by raising them in the Catholic faith.  And it ends up destroying these kids’ lives.

The good news is that CT Wilson (handsome black politician towards the end), was able to get his bill through in April meaning that Maryland now allows civil suits in child sex abuse cases to be filed until the victim turns 38, moving the bar from seven years to 20.

Still.  Net-net, everything is still awful.  The written answers from the Catholic church in response are incendiary.  The way they just dismiss the truth is absurd.  I have a feeling this ain’t over.


Aint Over

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