How to Behave at a Dinner Party – Consider Leaving a Poop on the Table to Signal You’re Ready to Leave

From Joshua Ferris’s “The Dinner Party”.  The husband is bored just imagining how the dinner will go and, in particular, dreads the exit.


“They come in,” he said, “we take their coats. Everyone talks in a big hurry, as if we didn’t have four long hours ahead of us.  We self-medicate with alcohol. A lot of things are discussed, different issues.  Everyone laughs a lot, but later no one can say what exactly was so witty.  Compliments on the food. A couple of monologues.  Then they start to yawn, we start to yawn. They say, ‘We should think about leaving, huh?’ and we politely look away, like they’ve just decided to take a crap on the dinner table.”


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