Miniview – The Fortunes by Peter Ho Davies (Book Review in <150 Words)

Miniviews are reviews of things in 150 words or less.

Rating: 4/ 10

I started The Fortunes with high hopes.  Book reviews have been stellar. My mom told me the book generated excellent book club discussion.

Yet, I struggled to find the will to turn the page from the get go.  My main issue is that I didn’t trust that the author had a plan.  Sure, there were some well-turned phrases and interesting depictions – Crocker’s big fat belly becoming a mining mountain for Ling to climb- but I didn’t care about the “story”, or lack thereof.  Every time I thought the story was getting going, we veered off into a boring, rambling passage.

I think this book would be a good primer for those hiding under a rock and totally unfamiliar with some of the devastating things that have happened to Chinese -Americans. But for the rest of us, this feels poorly drawn and meandering.


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