5 Things I’m Obsessed with Right Now – Read, Hear, Watch, Do, Cook

  • Some audio episodes of Dr. Katz have been released to Audible for free. I have been a huge Dr. K fan forever.  I really like the Ray Romano one (#2).  The bit about his too-cool-for-school, “eh whatever”, son is great. A few months after his son gets his driver’s license he calls his dad and says, “Dad, I’m driving the car and uh I guess I’m out of gas.” “What do you mean, ‘I guess‘? Is the car moving?” Turns out the kid is stuck on the 101 – a five-lane highway.  Not on the shoulder, middle lane.  Ray asks, “What’s the traffic like?” The kid says, “Well behind me, it’s bad but it’s movin’ in front of me.” All said with minimal concern.


  • The TV show, Ozark, with Jason Bateman (streaming on Netflix).  I almost gave up after the first ep because it was so dark (infidelity + literally being filmed in low exposure) but now I’m hooked.  Yes, yes, it’s very similar to Breaking Bad but you know what?  Every plot, every twist, every thing has already been done.  And at the end of the day, the plot to me is secondary to characters.  Give me some interesting characters and I’m in.  And this show has some good ole fashion weirdo townspeople.  A few examples.  The family shares their house with an old man who walks naked every morning to the lake with nothing but his oxygen tank and towel in tow.  The FBI agent hunting down our main family is creepy in a twitchy sort of way and perhaps rightly accused of being a sociopath by his ex-boyfriend.  It’s darker than most shows I’m into, but I’m hooked.


  • This recipe from Mix and Match Mama for pasta with bacon and peas.  I’ll probably skip the creamy ranch and green onions to try and make it a bit healthier. Looks gorgeous though. Creamy-Bacon-and-Pea-Pasta-Salad-1-1024x682.jpg


  • My Jersey Shore playlist on Spotify.  Still super fun back in Philly.


  • This blog, Cup of Jo, is beautiful, has fun stuff to read. Work outfits, recipes, book recommendations, travel stories, parenting tips and more.

Read, Hear, Watch, Do, Cook

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