Lunch Bunch: Um, the Government Has a Doomsday Bunker

What to Watch

We’re all supposed to watch the premier of The Sinner tonight on USA.  Jessica Biel, movie star, is coming all the way to tv land – bow down!  I think the show looks slow and relies too heavily on its big names – Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman. NYT also compared it to another show I wasn’t crazy about, The Affair, which was about an affair from two points of view – how original and depressing.  The Sinner only gave critics the first three episodes to review which makes me wary that they’re not really proud of how they tied things up. Kinda like when I throw the duvet over my bed but leave the sheets a mess. If this glowing preview still couldn’t deter you, it’s on at 10 p.m., USA.

I’m going to write us all a note and excuse us from that boring little show and recommend we stream iZombie.  It’s pulpy and entertaining and you will find it hard to turn off.  A Polly Purebread, Goodie Two Shoes, Ms. Perfect named Olivia turns into a flesh eating zombie dealing with ennui in her new undead life. Good-looking people abound. For full review go here Streaming on Netflix.

What to Read

This excerpt from Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself – While the Rest of Us Die.

Goop is transitioning to an arms manufacturer. (McSweeney’s)

What’s Up in Philly

Two Philly restaurant’s, Palizzi Social Club and Res Ipsa, made the Bon Appétit list of best new restaurants in America. Palizzi is “so secretive”, it revoked a PhillyMag writer’s membership for writing a positive review about the restaurant. Oh, brother. (PhillyMag)

Check out this guide to beer gardens and other outdoor spots around town. (



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