Date Night Out: Whole Foods Dining Hall – Sexy Food Crawl in the Supermarket?

Hint: Skip to the bottom to see our ratings (longtime couple rating & first date rating).

We were wiped from a long week and couldn’t muster the energy to fully entertain each other over a two hour dinner in Rittenhouse last Friday so we decided to check out the food stalls and beer hall at the new-ish Whole Foods in Center City.

When I first suggested, “Wanna go to Whole Foods tonight?” I was accused of being a crotchety old married person a la Will Ferrell in Old School.

But here’s what I was interested in checking out for a low-key Friday night: a Poursteady machine ($15k!) that could do the job of five baristas making pour-over coffee, a Bkon brewer for tea ($14k!), Cheu Noodle Bar, Wiz Kid, Dizengoff, Severino, a selection of 40 beers (16 on tap), a cocktail cart and  more.  Also, some good old fashioned curiosity renewed since Amazon announced it was buying Whole Foods for $13 billion.

The bottom line is that this was fun to explore for novelty but there is really zero romance here.  The coffee is cool.  The idea of the beer hall is neat.  Our mini food crawl was entertaining until we actually had to sit and eat the food in soggy, throw-away containers.  The cocktail cart was non-operational.  

If you are totally pooped after a long week and looking to explore a novelty – this trip to Whole Foods is fun.  It’s just not romantic. At all.


Allegro coffee did not disappoint.  decor was glam coffee house, views of the city were pretty good, huge windows and outside seating created a cool ambiance.
pop of color bar stools. Bkon tea and Poursteady machines in the background to the right
Allegro coffee bar.  makes you almost forget you’re in a supermarket
the Poursteady hard at work on Nabil’s pour-over Kenya coffee.
very tasty cortado (reasonable $3) with views of Center City. spacious outside seating area.  
WF Beer List
plenty of brews to choose from at the beer hall.
WF Severino
Nabil enjoying the burger at Severino. the chef brings in the bread for the burger daily from NYC.  
WF Burger
Severino burger was our favorite thing from the food crawl.
WF Parm Fries
Severino parm fries look delicious but are a bit soggy. 
WF Dizengoff
absolutely delicious and refreshing salad that comes with hummus from Dizengoff.
WF Dumplings.jpg
pastrami dumplings from Cheu Noodle Bar.  a little heavy.  not very appetizing presentation. 

Whole Foods Coffee + Beer Hall + Food Crawl Date Ratings:

Culture POPs Rating (longtime couple rating): B

WF Table
it was fun exploring the novelty of the new Whole Foods but the bright lights, the crowd and the the food presentation didn’t scream romantic, unsurprisingly

Culture POPs Rating (single, first date spot): F

“The only time this Whole Foods date would work is if you really needed groceries and didn’t care at all if your date had a good time.” – my soft-spoken brother, Jack

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