Lunch Bunch: What to Read, Hear, Watch, Do, Cook (Thursday)

What to Read

I’m going to check out Edgar Allan Poe’s house (Spring Garden & 7th) this weekend and in preparation I’ve been re-reading some of his short stories.  Thanks to the Rosenbach’s recommendation, I stumbled onto  The Black Cat. It is such a delightfully horrifying and gruesome tale, I can’t believe it was written in 1843.   It’s similar to The Tell-Tale Heart in that both narrators are immediately distrusted by the reader as they promise from the start that they’re not crazy – those who protest the most tend to be the craziest.  I love a good unreliable narrator. In The Black Cat, everything begins blissfully for a new couple. You can imagine yourself in their shoes, which is what makes the tale all the more eerie when things start to go wrong…

It’s only a 15 minute read.  The Edgar Allen Poe house is free to visit if you want to follow me down the Poe rabbit hole.

What to Hear

Check out one of my favorite podcasts – Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History.  Smart, entertaining, deep dives into a variety of topics.  Season 2 is here.

What to Watch

There’s not a lot of great live TV on tonight so I’m recommending you stream Downward Dog.  The show is sweet and funny and has a great premise.  Downward Dog centers on the relationship between a woman and her dog.  Her dog can talk to us, but she can’t hear his insightful running commentary. “The cat, not to be racist, but he’s an emotional terrorist,” the dog tells us staring into the camera unapologetically.  But it’s not all giggles, the show has heart.  At some points, you get so emotionally invested in this relationship that you will tear up a little bit before you remember this is about a dog and a person. But by then, it’s too late, you’re already using your dachshund’s fur as a tissue.


Check out the trailer for Downward Dog here:

Downward Dog is streaming on Hulu, ABC, Amazon, Vudu.

If that doesn’t suit your fancy, try these new shows on tonight:

The Guest Book on TBS @ 10 p.m. Comedy about hotel guests.  Entertainment mag says “the frenetic plot can be tiring” but the cast of characters is good.

What Would Diplo Do? on Viceland @ 10 p.m. This spoof on the EDM scene is actually executive produced by Diplo. Stars James Van der Beek.  I loved the self-involved, movie star character that he played in Don’t Trust the B–––– in Apartment 23 so I’m inclined to give this a shot.


What to Do

See a Comedy Show – Newly married couple and comedians, Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher will be at the Trocadero tonight.  They’re going to offer live relationship advice that will “either keep couples together forever or keep them laughing as they plan their divorce”.  Tickets are $29-32.

Go to a Soirée – Is it just me, or does the name “soirée” really entice you?  Well, Philly Mag is hosting their Best of Soirée tonight in Dilworth Park starting at 5:30 p.m.  Tix are a little expensive though @ ~$100.

Workout – SLT Philly opening weekend is running August 3-6.  I did a class this morning and I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for a couple days.  This class works.  Think of the reformer on steroids. For this weekend opening, they have free healthy snacks from Snap.  First class is just $15.

entrance to SLT off Moravian – just past 4 or 5 dumpsters. see the blue awning. 
inside of studio is bright and clean


What to Cook

NYT claims to have perfected the grilled cheese. Here’s their recipe.  I’ll be posting my twist on the perfect grilled cheese later today.

What’s Up in Philly

Allen Iverson didn’t show up to his Big3 event, again.  Instead of attending his scheduled Big3 League game in Dallas, he was at a casino in Chicago.  A casino!  (PhillyVoice)

Bud Light will sponsor Lane Johnson’s promise to treat the city to free beer if we win the Super Bowl.  Not sure Bud Light realizes what they’ve signed up for.  (Bleeding Green Nation)


The National Aquarium of New Zealand posts a monthly Naughty Penguin of the Month and Good Penguin of the Month.  Pepper won Naughty for playing with his food and dropping his food.  Captain won Good for being punctual.  (Observer)

source: National Aquarium of New Zealand

This list of lies parents tell their kids. (Bored Panda)


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