Date Day Out: Tennis + Lush Park Walk + Brunch

Activity: Tennis at Hamlin Courts

Entertainment: Walk through Penn Park

Food: Walnut Street Cafe

My sweet husband Nabil is a very neat guy.  When I head to bed, I can hear him quietly un-doing all my mess like a Mr. Clean Elf.  The place where I’ve been sitting on the couch must get plumped to remove my little ass imprint.  The timer on the microwave must get cleared so the time can be seen by all even though there are three other clocks in the kitchen, a watch on his wrist and a phone in his pocket. He loves cleanliness and order.


So you can imagine what the sight of a trash-strewn river does to him. If I left Nabil and he got fired from his job, the first place you would find him would be in a canoe on the Schuylkill, wearing a hazmat suit.  He’d be puckering his lips in consternation, trying to shimmy a bottle full of urine into his pool skimmer.  He’d find a floating can where a cute little seahorse couple had made a home for themselves and throw it into his portable trash compactor with a triumphant smile. So, when we walked over the Walnut Street bridge that crosses the Schuylkill, Nabil tried to keep his gaze high, high above the trash.

But the other day, on our way to the Penn tennis courts, he saw something he couldn’t unsee.  A boat in the river. With a wet person in the boat.  If Nabil set himself on fire, he wouldn’t jump in the Schuylkill.  If I fell in the Schuylkill, Nabil would look sadly down upon me, look up to God and scream “Why?” and throw his wedding ring in after me. And that scenario assumes I fall in, live and am peacefully swimming ashore.


After he recovered from crossing the river, we played a friendly round of tennis followed by a reward at the new Walnut Street Café in the FMC building.  The walk in between the two through Penn Park is verdant and a little romantic.

Hint: Scroll to the bottom to see Culture POPs rating for this tennis + lush park walk + brunch date idea.

walking over the Walnut Street bridge we spotted a boat in the Schuylkill River. there was a wet person in the boat.  a person was swimming in the Schuylkill.   *shudder*
love crossing this suspended foot bridge to get to the Penn tennis courts.
what other tennis courts give you this kind of view?  
serving up some friendly competition with Penn’s Franklin Field in the background. 
we hit up the gorgeous Walnut Street Cafe after tennis for our sweet reward. 
so pretty.
black scrapple with romesco, black rice, hazelnuts, fried egg ($12) and a side of very thin, crispy bacon ($4)
refreshing iced tea with elderberry and a nice big chunk of lemon. this was amazing. 

eggs benedict with smoked ham , hollandaise ($12) and side of mushrooms ($5)

Tennis + Park Walk + Brunch Date Culture POPs Rating: A-

This was pretty perfect.  Build up a little sweat and reward yourself with a nice walk through Penn Park and brunch at Walnut Street Cafe.

I will note this. Playing sports together as a couple is dangerous.  When the score was 5-0, 40-love, one of us asked if we could stop playing the match and just go back to hitting.  One of us called a divorce lawyer but realized she didn’t have her credit card on her and wouldn’t be able to go to brunch without her betrothed so, we are still married.  And brunch was fantastic.  The black scrapple with rice is creative and delicious, the eggs benedict was on a wonderfully buttery brioche, their homemade iced tea is uber refreshing after a contentious athletic endeavor and the décor is reason to go in the first place.





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